School fundraising, coordinated by PTOs, is a necessary yet often difficult task.  Due to lack of volunteers and time, many organizers often opt for tried-and-true events such as candy bar sales, bake sales, and fast-food restaurants.  Yes, these venues do make easy money for schools – but at what cost?

In Healthy Fundraising, The Connecticut State Department of Education states, “An environment that constantly provides children with unhealthy foods promotes unhealthy habits that can have lifelong impact. As America faces a national epidemic of overweight children, many schools are turning to healthy fundraising alternatives.”  Thankfully, Fauquier County Schools can be counted among those making positive changes to increase the health of their students.

In addition to Healthy Fundraising referenced above, check out Fundraising Options Available to Schools. Both articles provide excellent and creative ways to earn big bucks for schools.

To go more in-depth Sweet Deals: School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable is a 58-page article which contains contact information for fundraising companies that support student and family health.

Do you need a guide to get you started?  Check out Fit to Learn Tip Sheet: Healthy Fundraising.  This article is packed with templates to start your team, ways to analyze last year’s efforts, bright ideas to get going, and example letters to introduce healthy fundraising to your school and families.

As Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health, we look forward to seeing the continued implementation of healthy initiatives within our schools to ultimately increase the health of students, staff, and the community.