Do you ever feel like you’re alone with making and especially keeping your health and exercise goals? Here at FRESH we struggle too. Even though we live, work, and breath healthy choices and exercise, we are not perfect – no one is and in that we can all take comfort and give ourselves a little break.

In December we committed to STEP (Step to Evade Pounds) and reach a collective goal of 2,500,000 steps for the month.  Some team members exceeded their goals while others didn’t quite make the mark, but all of us finished the month strong and ready to recommit to exercise in January.

We tracked 2,301,239 steps and gained the following:

  • 3 team members formed a healthy habit of consistently wearing a Fitbit or tracker.
  • 4 team members reported intentionally taking walk breaks during the day which helps them focus.
  • 2 team members began new exercise plans.
  • 1 team member began training for a 10K in April.
  • 2 team members maintained weight and successfully evaded the December gain.
  • All team members reported having a great holiday with family and friends.

No matter your health goals – Don’t Give Up!!  Each hour, dare I say minute, is another opportunity to move in the direction of your goals and each step counts!