Joseph Royston (JR), FRESH’s Lead Fitness Integration Team Specialist, has been working with Cedar Lee Middle School teachers to help them incorporate movement into their classrooms.  One tool in his tool box is a Tabata workout of 20 seconds of high intensity movement followed by 10 second of rest for 8 rounds.  With a short warm up and cool down, the cycle lasts only 5 minutes and according to Margie Riley, a 6th Grade English Teacher at Cedar Lee, she notices an improvement in students’ focus.

From Margie:

“Thanks, JR – your energy is catching and I appreciate that!  My third period liked the 8 challenges for the 20:10 workout.  I wanted to also tell you that my third period, the most active, has really responded to the movement now as routine – at first it was hard for them to settle back in, but they’re now working with it as ‘routine’ and it does make a difference.  I need to remember that when I’m thinking “we have so much to do….do I want to take time for the FRESH activity?” Because with the energy break ahead of time, they do a better job of sustaining their working energy.  You already knew that, of course – I’m just validating! –M”

Thanks, Margie, for the encouraging words!! We love hearing how FRESH FITS are making a difference for teachers and students!