“My students loved including FRESH into their test review! What a great way to keep them engaged and to see what they needed help with. For each question I asked them to choose the letter and do the exercise for their choice! So fun! Thanks for all the cool ideas and the graphing activity today was awesome!”  


Kristin Brewer, 3rd grade teacher at MM Pierce Elementary School, recently shared her success with Susan Payne, a FRESH FITS.  Susan visits Mrs. Brewer’s class every other week to model fitness integration into the lessons.  Mrs. Brewer then incorporates these ideas in her daily lesson plans.  While reviewing ancient civilizations, she showed a review question and the students would think of their answer. On her prompt, each student would do the exercise or motion for which answer they thought was correct.

This is a fun and active way to review for tests rather than the usual study with a partner or review from their seats using the same questions.  Susan’s response, “Mrs. Brewer does a great job trying to incorporate what she is gaining from having me as her FRESH FITS. It is great to hear how excited she is on Thursdays when she stops me in the hallway to say that she did a FRESH activity with her students!”