Cafeteria Fresh

A FRESH take on cafeteria meals


A FRESH take on School Food in Fauquier County!

Fresh produce options are making their way onto our students’ breakfast and lunch trays.  The FRESH Chef, in partnership with the FCPS Director of Nutrition, is providing on-going culinary training and recipe development resulting in seasonal menu items and healthy and delicious choices. Positive messaging and fun promotions that revolve around nutritious food choices will echo throughout the school community. Nutrition lessons and multi-departmental collaborative school projects will contribute to the school-wide discussion about creating and maintaining healthy habits.

2017/2018 School Year

  • New fresh produce items on the menu
  • Taste testing opportunities to expose/introduce students to new recipes
  • New Recipes
  • Seasonal Produce themes
  • Food Explorer Program
  • Virginia Extension and Master Gardener, and guest food producers and growers will visit schools to enforce the community connection with food



Looking for a healthy snack to prepare with your kids? These recipes are perfect for families looking to stay away from pre-made and processed snacks.  Teaching your children how to cook healthy food will benefit them for years to come – maybe they’ll even start cooking for the family on occasion!